Daily Current Affairs Quiz 21st May 2021

Daily Current Affairs 21-05-2021

Q.1. Which country’s President has removed the ban on immigrants getting visas?
Ans. America

Q.2. Which day is celebrated worldwide on 20 May?
Ans. World Metrology Day & World Bee Day

Q.3. Which bank’s subsidiaries have been approved to sell to GPL Finance and Investments Limited?
Ans. Yes Bank

Q.4. After how many days after the new announcement by the Union Health Ministry, now a second dose of covisiled vaccine will be given?
Ans. 84 Days

Q.5. Which state government has recently announced a grant of 10 lakh rupees to orphans?
Ans. Government of Andhra Pradesh

Q.6. Senior politician and former Union Minister Chaman Lal Gupta of which political party has passed away?
Ans. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)

Q.7. Which state has announced a compensation of 50 thousand rupees to the families of those who died from Corona?
Ans. Delhi Government

Q.8. Who has approved emergency use of Covid-19 vaccine made in China?
Ans. World Health Organization

Q.9. By what name has Iran launched its own most powerful supercomputer?
Ans. ‘Simorgh’

Q.10. Baljeet Kaur and Gunbala Sharma became the first Indian woman to climb which mountain?
Ans. Mount Pumori‌‌