AP SA1 Syllabus 9th Class 2021-22 Download AP SA-I Exam Lessons

AP Summative Assessment -1 Exam Syllabus: AP Summative Assessment -1 Exam Syllabus: Andhra pradesh Board has declared the Session-1 & Session-2 Syllabus to all Government and Private Schools, every year the AP SCERT has announced an updated syllabus for each subject of the course and this year also announced in the process of education system updating. AP 10th Class deleted syllabus also Available Here, AP 9th Class All Subjects Syllabus 2021 – 2022 Download PDF

AP SA1 Syllabus 2021 All subjects 9th Class Lessons

9th Class

  • Telugu

1. శాంతికాంక్ష
2. ప్రేరణ
3. పద్యరత్నాలు
4. ప్రబోధంఉపవాచకం1.స్వామి వివేకనంద
2. నేనూ సావిత్రీబాయిని

  • Hindi

जिस देश में गंगा बहती है
गानेवाली चिड़िया
तारे जमीं पर (उपवाचक)
बदलें अपनी सोच
प्रकृति की सीख
बेटी के नाम पत्र
बुद्धिमान बालक (उपवाचक)
(पत्र, निबंध)

  • English



UNIT-3 and Unseen Passage

  • Maths




Real Numbers
Polynomials & Factorisation
Coordinate Geometry




The Elements of Geometry
Lines and Angles

  • Science Physics

Is matter Pure
Laws of Motion
Atoms & Molecules
Reflection at curved surfaces

  • Biology

Cell its structure and functions
Plant tissues
Animal tissues
Plasma membrane


  • Social

Paper-1: 1,2,3,4,5
Paper-2:lesson 12. Changing cultural Traditions in Europe 1300-1800
Lesson 13. Democratic and Nationalist revolutions 17th and 18th century
Lesson 14. Democratic and Nationalist revolutions 19th century