Electric and Magnetic fields




#1. What is the SI unit of electric field strength?

#2. Electric field lines always point in the direction of:

#3. What is the electric field at a point in space?

#4. How is the direction of the electric field defined?

#5. The SI unit of electric field is:

#6. If a positive charge is placed in an electric field, in which direction will it experience a force?

#7. How does the electric field strength between two charged plates change if the distance between the plates is increased?

#8. Which of the following materials is a good conductor of electricity?

#9. What is the SI unit of magnetic field strength?

#10. What is the SI unit of magnetic flux?

#11. According to Ampere's Law, the magnetic field around a closed loop is proportional to:

#12. What is the magnetic pole that acts as the north-seeking pole of a magnet?

#13. Which material is typically used as a core in electromagnets to enhance their magnetic field strength?

#14. The phenomenon of a temporary increase in the magnetic strength of a material when placed in a magnetic field is called:

#15. What happens to the magnetic field strength as you move away from a permanent magnet?

#16. In which of the following materials is the permeability the highest, making it an excellent magnetic shield?

#17. According to Faraday's Law of Electromagnetic Induction, the induced electromotive force (EMF) is proportional to:

#18. The phenomenon of a changing magnetic field inducing an electric current is described by:

#19. The speed of electromagnetic waves (such as light) is determined by:

#20. In electromagnetic waves, the electric field and magnetic field are: