#1. What is the primary purpose of a catalyst in chemical manufacturing?

#2. What is the role of chemical synthesis in manufacturing?

#3. What does medicinal chemistry primarily focus on?

#4. Which analytical technique is commonly used for drug analysis?

#5. What is a key application of polymer chemistry in materials science?

#6. What do X-ray diffraction and spectroscopy contribute to in materials science?

#7. What does food chemistry primarily focus on?

#8. What role does chemistry play in food preservation?

#9. In chemical manufacturing, what is the term for a substance added to a reaction to slow down or inhibit it?

#10. What is a common method for optimizing chemical processes in manufacturing?

#11. What does drug formulation primarily involve?

#12. Which analytical technique is often used for determining the molecular structure of a drug?

#13. What is a key application of nanomaterials in materials science?

#14. What does the study of crystallography in materials science focus on?

#15. What role does flavor chemistry play in the food and beverage industry?

#16. Which factor is essential for the success of food preservation methods based on chemistry?