Network and Types




#1. What type of network is formed by connecting computers within a limited geographic area, such as a university campus or a business office?

#2. Which network type covers a larger geographical area and typically connects multiple LANs across different locations?

#3. A network that spans a city or a large campus, providing connectivity for multiple LANs, is known as:

#4. Which type of network is typically used for connecting devices within the range of an individual person, such as connecting a smartphone to a laptop?

#5. The internet is an example of which type of network?

#6. Which networking technology uses radio waves to provide wireless communication between devices within a limited area?

#7. A network topology where each device is connected to a central hub or switch is known as:

#8. In a ring topology, how are devices connected?

#9. Which topology provides redundancy and multiple paths for data transmission between devices?

#10. What is a disadvantage of a bus topology?

#11. Which network protocol is commonly used for communication between devices on the internet?

#12. The process of converting human-readable domain names into IP addresses is performed by:

#13. Which network device operates at the Data Link layer of the OSI model and filters traffic based on MAC addresses?

#14. A device that connects multiple network segments and operates at the Network layer of the OSI model is called a:

#15. What is the purpose of a firewall in a network?

#16. Which wireless networking standard is commonly used for short-range communication between devices, such as smartphones and smartwatches?

#17. The technology that allows data to be transmitted over existing telephone lines is known as:

#18. Which network service provides a centralized directory for storing and managing user account information?

#19. The process of dividing a single IP network into multiple sub-networks is called:

#20. What is the primary function of a router in a network?

#21. Which type of IP address is used for communication within a local network and is not routable on the internet?

#22. The protocol responsible for dynamically assigning IP addresses to devices on a network is:

#23. Which networking component is responsible for converting digital data into analog signals for transmission over telephone lines?

#24. Which of the following is a characteristic of a peer-to-peer network?

#25. The technology that allows multiple users to share a common communication channel is known as:

#26. Which network protocol is commonly used for secure communication over the internet, particularly for e-commerce websites?

#27. The technology that enables users to access computing resources and services over the internet is known as:

#28. Which networking concept involves duplicating data across multiple servers to improve reliability and performance?

#29. The protocol used for secure file transfer over a network is:

#30. The technology that allows devices to communicate and share data without human intervention is known as: