One Person Company(OPC)




#1. What is the minimum number of members required to form a One Person Company (OPC)?

#2. In an OPC, who is the sole decision-maker and responsible for the management of the company?

#3. What is the maximum limit of paid-up share capital for an OPC to be eligible?

#4. Can a natural person be a member in more than one OPC?

#5. What is the significance of the term "limited liability" in the context of an OPC?

#6. Can an OPC be converted into a private or public company at a later stage?

#7. What is the primary objective of introducing the concept of OPC?

#8. What is the tenure of the nominee in an OPC?

#9. In case of the death of the sole member of an OPC, what happens to the company?

#10. What is the regulatory body overseeing the registration and functioning of companies, including OPCs, in India?