Stages of Business Development




#1. Why is risk management important for businesses?

#2. What is the first stage in the business development process?

#3. During the Introduction stage, businesses focus on:

#4. Which factor is crucial during the Growth stage of business development?

#5. In the Maturity stage, businesses often:

#6. During the Decline stage, businesses may consider:

#7. Which stage involves a thorough evaluation of external and internal factors?

#8. What is a key characteristic of the Growth stage?

#9. During the Maturity stage, businesses often focus on:

#10. Which stage is associated with the decline in sales and profits?

#11. In the Introduction stage, businesses typically incur:

#12. Which stage requires a focus on operational efficiency and cost control?

#13. What is a common strategy in the Decline stage of business development?

#14. Which stage involves a high level of risk and uncertainty?

#15. In the Growth stage, businesses may seek:

#16. During the Maturity stage, businesses may face challenges related to:

#17. Which stage requires a strong focus on customer retention and loyalty?

#18. What is a key characteristic of the Decline stage?

#19. During the Growth stage, businesses often invest in:

#20. Which stage involves adapting to changes in consumer preferences and market trends?

#21. What is the primary goal of a business organization?

#22. Which function of business involves obtaining and managing financial resources?

#23. The process of creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers is known as:

#24. What function of business focuses on converting raw materials into finished goods?

#25. Which function is responsible for recruiting, training, and managing employees?

#26. In the context of business functions, what does CSR stand for?

#27. The process of identifying and adapting to changes in the business environment is part of:

#28. Which function is concerned with the efficient flow of goods and services from producers to consumers?

#29. The function responsible for assessing market demand and setting product prices is:

#30. Which function deals with legal issues, compliance, and ethical considerations in business?

#31. The function that involves planning and controlling the use of financial resources is:

#32. What is the primary focus of the production function in a business organization?

#33. The process of creating and maintaining a positive public image for a business is known as:

#34. Which function involves designing organizational structures and managing employee relations?

#35. The function responsible for coordinating and managing the movement of goods within a company is:

#36. What function is concerned with analyzing and interpreting financial information for decision-making?

#37. The function that involves identifying potential markets and promoting products is:

#38. Which function focuses on developing and maintaining relationships with customers?

#39. The function responsible for setting and implementing organizational goals and strategies is:

#40. What function involves managing the supply chain and ensuring timely delivery of goods and services?