ADV-UNIT-3-Nano Sensors




#1. 1. What is the primary working principle of electrical nano sensors?

#2. 2. Which material is commonly used in nanowire sensors for detecting changes in electrical conductivity?

#3. 3. What property of quantum dots makes them valuable in optical nano sensors?

#4. 4. How do plasmonic sensors respond to environmental changes?

#5. 5. Which application is NOT associated with nano sensors?

#6. 6. In nanocantilever sensors, what does the bending of the cantilever indicate?

#7. 7. What is a common application of quantum dot sensors?

#8. 8. Which type of nano sensor is sensitive to changes in surface stress?

#9. 9. What is the primary focus of biomedical sensing with nano sensors?

#10. 10. Which material is often used in carbon nanotube sensors for functionalization to selectively bind with certain molecules?

#11. 11. In which field are nano sensors used for monitoring air and water quality?

#12. 12. What is a potential application of nano sensors in security and defense?

#13. 13. What is an essential consideration in the development of nano sensors for industrial applications?

#14. 14. Which type of nano sensor is most likely to detect changes in light absorption?

#15. 15. What is an important aspect of nano sensors in environmental monitoring?