Digital Marketing-Social Media/ Content/ Email Marketing


#1. Percentage of people who click on a link or image within an email

#2. YouTube launched in?

#3. Which of the following is not an advantage of email newsletters?

#4. Which WordPress feature allows you to schedule posts in advance for social marketing?

#5. How important is the authentication process in email marketing?

#6. In a marketing meeting, you suggested that the company should put more emphasis on email marketing. What is the most compelling data statistic you should cite?

#7. Which one of the following statements is true?

#8. ROI stands for?

#9. Digital Marketing started in the year?

#10. What is another term for "social media"?

#11. In Content marketing the content should be?

#12. What traditional marketing technique is YouTube closest to?

#13. Open rates are more influenced by

#14. How important is consistency in branding and subject lines?

#15. Which social network is considered the most popular for social media marketing?

#16. Social networks are organized primarily around

#17. Which of the following is not a traditional form of digital marketing?

#18. What is a best practice for sending an email communication from a brand?

#19. How many main pillars of digital marketing?

#20. What is the full form of SEM?

#21. In developing your next email campaign, you have to make a case to develop a responsive email. What is the key factor of responsive design to persuade your team?

#22. A member of your team proposes to cap the subject line at 30 characters to increase open rate and click rate. What points would you emphasize as the primary factors of open rate and click rate?

#23. This is a term for the number of times that users click on links in a message or on a website. It is much higher for legitimate marketing emails than for spam.

#24. Identify the factor that enables tracking of good and bad reputation?

#25. What is an ad group?