5th semester Degree computer Web Applications Development using PHP

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Learning Outcomes:

Students after successful completion of the course will be able to:

1. Write simple programs in PHP.

2. Understand how to use regular expressions, handle exceptions, and validate data using PHP.

3. Apply In-Built functions and Create User defined functions in PHP programming.

4. Write PHP scripts to handle HTML forms.

5. Write programs to create dynamic and interactive web based applications using PHP and MYSQL.

6. Know how to use PHP with a MySQL database and can write database driven web pages.

Unit-1 The Building blocks of PHP

Variables, Data Types, Operators and Expressions, Constants. Flow Control Functions in PHP: Switching Flow, Loops, Code Blocks and Browser Output. Working with Functions: What is function?, Calling functions,Defining Functions, Returning the values from User-Defined Functions, Variable Scope, Saving state between Function calls with the static statement, more about arguments.

Unit-2 Working with Arrays

What are Arrays? Creating Arrays, Some Array-Related Functions. Working with Objects: Creating Objects, Object Instance Working with Strings, Dates and Time: Formatting strings with PHP, Investigating Strings with PHP, Manipulating Strings with PHP, Using Date and Time Functions in PHP.

Unit-3 Working with Forms

Creating Forms, Accessing Form Input with User defined Arrays,Combining HTML and PHP code on a single Page, Using Hidden Fields to save state, Redirecting the user, Sending Mail on Form Submission, and Working with File Uploads. Working with Cookies and User Sessions: Introducing Cookies, Setting a Cookie with PHP, Session Function Overview, Starting a Session, Working with session variables, passing session IDs in the Query String, Destroying Sessions and Unsetting Variables, Using Sessions in an Environment with Registered Users.

Unit-4 Working with Files and Directories

Including Files with inclue(), Validating Files, Creating and Deleting Files, Opening a File for Writing, Reading or Appending, Reading from Files, Writing or Appending to a File, Working with Directories, Open Pipes to and from Process Using open(), Running Commands with exec(), Running Commands with system() or passthru(). Working with Images: Understanding the Image-Creation Process, Necessary Modifications to PHP, Drawing a New Image, Getting Fancy with Pie Charts, Modifying Existing Images,Image Creation from User Input.

Unit-5 Interacting with MySQL using PHP

MySQL Versus MySQLi Functions, Connecting to MySQL with PHP, Working with MySQL Data. Creating an Online Address Book: Planning and Creating Database Tables, Creating Menu, Creating Record Addition Mechanism, Viewing Records, Creating the Record Deletion Mechanism, Adding Sub-entities to a Record.

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