5th semester Degree Multiple integrals and applications of Vector calculus-6B

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Multiple integrals and applications of Vector calculus

Unit – 1: Multiple integrals-I

1. Introduction, Double integrals, Evaluation of double integrals, Properties of double integrals.

2. Region of integration, double integration in Polar Co-ordinates,

3. Change of variables in double integrals, change of order of integration.

Unit – 2: Multiple integrals-II

1. Triple integral, region of integration, change of variables.

2. Plane areas by double integrals, surface area by double integral.

3. Volume as a double integral, volume as a triple integral.

Unit – 3: Vector differentiation

1. Vector differentiation, ordinary derivatives of vectors.

2. Differentiability, Gradient, Divergence, Curl operators,

3. Formulae involving the separators.

Unit – 4: Vector integration

1. Line Integrals with examples.

2. Surface Integral with examples.

3. Volume integral with examples.

Unit – 5: Vector integration applications

1. Gauss theorem and applications of Gauss theorem.

2. Green’s theorem in plane and applications of Green’s theorem.

3. Stokes’s theorem and applications of Stokes theorem.

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