#1. 1. What does CADD stand for?

#2. 2. Which computational technique allows researchers to study the movement and behavior of molecules over time?

#3. 3. What is the primary purpose of virtual screening in drug discovery?

#4. 4. What does QSAR stand for in the context of drug design?

#5. 5. Which nanoscale carriers are often used in drug delivery to improve bioavailability?

#6. 6. What is the range of size for nanoparticles typically used in drug delivery?

#7. 7. What is the key advantage of liposomal drug delivery systems?

#8. 8. What is the main goal of targeted drug delivery?

#9. 9. Which technology is increasingly integrated into CADD for analyzing vast datasets?

#10. 10. In personalized medicine, treatments are tailored based on:

#11. 11. What is the primary function of nanocarriers in drug delivery?

#12. 12. Which of the following is a lipid-based vesicle commonly used in drug delivery?

#13. 13. What role do ligands play in targeted drug delivery using nanoparticles?

#14. 14. Which technique involves the analysis of the relationship between the chemical structure of a molecule and its biological activity?

#15. 15. What is the purpose of in silico screening in drug discovery?

#16. 16. What is the size range of liposomes used in drug delivery?

#17. 17. Which field does CADD primarily contribute to in drug development?

#18. 18. What technology is used to predict the activity of new compounds based on their structural features?

#19. 19. What does nanotechnology contribute to drug delivery?

#20. 20. Which term refers to the marriage of chemistry, computer science, and nanotechnology in drug design?