#1. How many types of plans are available in WordPress

#2. Identify the factor that enables tracking of good and bad reputation?

#3. This is a term for the number of times that users click on links in a message or on a website. It is much higher for legitimate marketing emails than for spam.

#4. Which of the following is not an advantage of email newsletters?

#5. What is a widget in WordPress?

#6. You can change your WordPress themes using

#7. Where can you find permalink settings in WordPress?

#8. Digital marketing is becoming very popular due to the?

#9. Pages that are linked from other search engines are known as

#10. How many main pillars of digital marketing?

#11. For SEO, site content should have?

#12. Which techniques can be used to extract insights from text data.

#13. YouTube launched in?

#14. Linear Regression is the supervised machine learning model in which the model finds the best fit between the independent and dependent variable.

#15. Which of the following items search engines want?

#16. The Quick draft section in WordPress is used for

#17. Which of the following is a type of digital marketing activity?

#18. SEO stands for

#19. Track user behavior in real-time to capture their current interests and preferences.

#20. What is not true about digital marketing?

#21. Incorporate user feedback and ratings into the recommendations system to improve the accuracy of suggestions.

#22. What is the full form of SEM?

#23. Which social network is considered the most popular for social media marketing?

#24. What is the recommended image size for Facebook posts?

#25. Introduction to the challenges and techniques of analyzing large-scale and complex datasets.

#26. What is WordPress primarily used for?

#27. Which of these fields is not required to be filled while first installing WordPress?

#28. In Content marketing the content should be?

#29. How many significant methods through which you can check conversion rates using A/B Testing?

#30. What is the default post Category for WordPress?

#31. What are the goals that marketers should strive for in email marketing?

#32. Open rates are more influenced by

#33. How important is consistency in branding and subject lines?

#34. Digital marketing is often referred to as

#35. In WordPress, what is the user role with the highest privilege level?

#36. When was WordPress released?

#37. Classic editor in WordPress is used to

#38. Which of the following tactics can harm your search rankings?

#39. Identifying customers who are likely to churn or stop using a product or service.

#40. Which measures engagement for different versions of the same email with a sample of your recipients.

#41. A/B Testing also known as?

#42. Which of these is not seen on the WordPress dashboard?

#43. Which of these is an anti-spam plugin in WordPress?

#44. How can enabling targeted messaging, offers, or recommendations based on customer behavior as it happens.

#45. CMS stands for

#46. Which of the following is the correct size of an email template before executing a campaign?

#47. Which file of WordPress themes can be skipped?

#48. What is another term for "social media"?

#49. Which WordPress type can be installed on a user's computer?

#50. Which of the following is a popular WordPress page builder plugin?